L & T Home Insurance Plans for Secure Home

L & T Home Insurance 

L & T Home Insurance: L& T is the most common and also famous name in India. L & T stands for Larsen and Toubro Limited. The main aim of the company is to provide the best house insurance support to make every dream possible and true. Home is the most attractive and loving part of one’s life. Everyone wants to protect it from anything. L&T has extended its hand to help the house owner to protect his or her house. Home is the most important asset which needs to safeguard carefully. L&T with a superb human resource team has made some wonderful home insurance plan to safeguard one’s most desired and loved the property.

Types of Home Insurance Plans Offered by L& T Are:

  • A Primary home insurance plan
  • Insta home insurance plan
  • Premium home insurance plan
  • Super home insurance plan

These are the main four types of L&T home insurance plan offered by this company. Each and every plan is unique and planned properly to fulfill the need of these four separate segments.

The features of these four plans are more or less same with some differences in the coverage. These four plans come with different payment structures. Depending on the payment structures one will get the return or covered portion of the home. But for every plan, some points are common as protection from fire, lighting, protection from natural calamities, protection from burglary.  But to make differences in the numbers of the sections covered in each plan differ according to the payment structure. In the Premium plan, there are 28 sections which are available as a completely covered area for any damage. Nut in a Super home insurance plan, there are 20 sections which are treated as completely covered from any mishaps. Some subdivision in each and every plan is also available.

Advantages of L & T Home Insurance

Few advantages of this home insurance plan are discussed below:

  • Payment of premium policy is very easy. Online payment is possible. Check, or cash payment is also possible.
  • Online checking of the policy status is very easy, only by giving the policy number every detail will appear on screen quickly.
  • Renewal is also very easy. A customer can renew the policy by simply going to site and selecting the possible payment mode, that is cash or card.
  • Claim settlement is also very easy. By simply filling in the claim settlement from with all the necessary documents one needs to submit it to the nearest branch. Within 30 Days the payment will be made by the company.


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