Credit Cards for Women

The talk all around right now is about empowering our women. Not because they are not powerful enough but because they deserve more credit than they actually get. Another step towards giving them better opportunities is by making sure that they have better access to the things they need. That’s why having exclusive credit cards for women is such a great idea. Banks in India are doing just that and beckoning all ladies to take over. These credit cards bring all the features that guarantee that women have a better time doing the things they love. From shopping to entertainment, everything has become accessible and affordable owing to these cards that ensure that they get the credit that has been due for long.

Benefits of Credit Cards for Women

By way of exclusive credit cards, women can now have more fun in their lives. These cards make their work easier and give them more things to enjoy at their leisure.

  • Better services from the banks that offer credit cards for women help them to manage their finances in a better way.
  • Rewards and occasional cashbacks allow for more savings than with other credit cards.
  • Exclusive offers for women on the things that they love to spend time doing make it worthwhile for them.
  • These cards make things affordable for them with the category specific discounts that they make available.
  • Women can shop without the worry of exceeding their budget when using their cards at authorised shopping centres.
  • Banks give more attention to women with exclusive credit cards by keeping a close eye on their problems.
  • Customer services that women receive are better and more receptive to them.
  • There are many more advantages that credit cards for women makes possible for them.

List of Popular Credit Cards for Women from Banks in India

HDFC Bank Solitaire - Premium Women's Credit Card

It is a fact that women love shopping. It could be for necessities in their home or for things of comfort that they want, women love to have plenty of options in front of them to choose from. HDFC Bank brings the HDFC Bank Solitaire - Premium Women's Credit Card for these women who want to make the most out of their shopping. This card not only helps them in saving money but also gives them special rewards that give them a wonderful experience.

Features and Benefits

There are exclusive features and benefits in store for women who use this card as shown below.

  • Reward Points: Shopping and spending money with the HDFC Bank Solitaire - Premium Women's Credit Card is enjoyable as you get 3 reward points for every Rs. 150 that you spend. Redeem these points in exchange for exciting gifts and vouchers. Spending on Dining and Grocery shopping yields 50% more reward points.
  • Shopping Benefits: It has never been this fun when shopping! Earn vouchers for shopping worth Rs. 1000 on total spends of Rs. 75,000 every 6 months. Get 2 vouchers in a year.
  • Travel Benefits: Shoppers also love to travel. The HDFC Bank Solitaire - Premium Women's Credit Card brings to you the option to redeem your reward points against air miles of Singapore Airlines and Jet Airways.
  • Cashback: You can also redeem your reward points to cover the outstanding amount on your credit card. 100 reward points are equal to Rs. 20.
  • Waiver of Fuel Surcharge: Enjoy complete waiver of fuel surcharge up to a limit of Rs. 250 in a single billing cycle.
  • Interest-Free Credit: Pay within 50 days of purchase to avail free interest on the credit that you received.
  • No Liability on Lost Card: Report the loss of your card and carry zero liability on the fraudulent transactions, if any, that gets carried out on your card.
Kotak Mahindra Bank Silk Inspire Credit Card

The Kotak Mahindra Bank is well-known for its endeavours to make citizens better at managing their finances. Kotak Mahindra Bank Silk Inspire Credit Card is a step in the right direction as it focuses on the women of India. This credit card promises to provide more financial independence to the women. Applying for and getting this card is easier than ever as no income proof is required to sanction its approval.

Features and Benefits

This card hands many advantages to women who prefer to spend their hard-earned money cautiously.

  • Silk Inspire Shield: This is the insurance protection that you can avail on your card. If your card gets stolen, you can get a cover of up to Rs. 75,000 against fraudulent transactions.
  • Lifestyle Rewards: Women get attractive offers on dining, shopping, entertainment, and travel with this card. The Kotak Mahindra Bank provides multiple offers to save money.
  • Reward Points: Spending on apparels leads to 5X reward points on every Rs. 100 spent on the card. The minimum spends on retail shopping is Rs. 7500 in a billing cycle. Spending on other categories will get you 1 reward point for every Rs. 200 spent.
  • Redemption: There are two ways to redeem these reward points. Spend Rs. 1,25,000 every 6 months to receive 8 complimentary PVR movie tickets. These tickets can be for any day and any show. The other option is to spend Rs. 1,25,000 and get 2000 reward points that you can use for flight booking, hotel booking, mobile recharge, and more.
  • Add-on Cards: Get additional cards for your family members and loved ones that carry the benefits of the primary card. Set the spending limit and track the expenses separately. Get it instantly on Kotak Mahindra Bank website.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Use the Kotak Mahindra Bank Silk Inspire Credit Card at any petrol pump across the country and avail a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver.
Citibank Rewards Credit Card

This is a standard credit card that Citibank offers to its customers to provide better deals and offers. Women can use it to enhance their shopping experience. Reward points that they gain are accumulated at an accelerated rate. These can then be redeemed in exchange for spending on dining, travelling, shopping, and other purposes. These points do not expire and can be stacked up for more benefits over time for benefits on vacation trips, cashbacks, air miles, and premium merchandise.

Features and Benefits

This card provides a wide array of benefits that have been elaborated below.

  • Reward Points: The reward points that cardholders can gain using this card is at the rate of 10 points for every Rs. 125 on Apparels at partner stores. They can also make payments with their points. They get 1 point for every Rs. 125 on all other purchases.
  • Activation Bonus: Activating the card grants customers with 2500 reward point instantly.
  • Additional Card: Adding cards for your loved ones will get you 500 bonus reward points on every card you add.
  • Dining Benefits: The dining benefits that this card brings help you to save up to 20% when dining at more than 1000 restaurant in the country.
  • Credit Shield Plus: This shield provides a cover of up to Rs. 5 lakhs on the outstanding amount on your credit card and you can also avail it for personal accident cover.
  • More Bonuses: Spend more than Rs. 1 lakh in a quarter to earn 1000 bonus points. You also get a birthday bonus of 500 reward points. Renewing your card after the first year gets you 1000 bonus reward points.
  • Pay Bills Online: With the Bill Pay feature you can pay your utility bills online with the Citibank Rewards credit card.
ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

The ICICI Bank has launched this card under its Gemstone Collection. As the name suggests, ICICI Bank Coral card brings features and benefits that are as rare as a gemstone and equally valuable. This collection is powered by the exclusive lifestyle privileges of ICICI Bank. Through this car, women can earn unlimited cash rewards every day wherever they are.

Features and Benefits

The loads of exciting features and benefits that this card brings are listed below.

  • Welcome Gift: Get a complimentary welcome gift when you get this card.
  • Security: This card comes with multiple security measures. It is embedded with a microchip and has an added layer of security in the form of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that protects the card from being used by unauthorised persons for fraudulent transactions.
  • Cash Rewards: Earn 2X cash rewards when shopping in the category of grocery and dining.
  • Entertainment Rewards: Experience entertainment features of this card as it brings offers like buy one and get one movie ticket free at You can avail up to 2 tickets every month with the value of each ticket being not more than Rs. 250.
  • Lounge Access: You get two complimentary lounge visits at any domestic airport every quarter.
  • Dining Rewards: With the Culinary Treats program form the ICICI Bank, you can save a minimum of 15% on your dining bill at more than 800 top restaurants across India.
  • Discount on Fuel Surcharge: Get a 2.5% discount on a fuel surcharge to a maximum of Rs. 4000 spent on every fuel transaction at any HPCL fuel station.
  • Annual Fee Waiver: Spend Rs. 1,25,000 in a year to get the next year’s annual fee waived.
  • PAYBACK points: Every purchase you make with the ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card earns you PAYBACK points. Earn 4 points on every Rs. 100 you spend on dining, groceries and at supermarkets. Get 2 points for spends on other categories.
Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card

The Standard Chartered Bank has a unique loyalty program that it offers to its customers with the Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card. This gives them unmatched privileges and never seen before offers. This credit card is recognised by over 19 million VISA and MasterCard establishments around the world. Women who love to live the life of luxury must get this credit card as its travel and shopping companion.

Features and Benefits

This credit is loaded with benefits that you can find nowhere else. Look below for details.

  • Lifetime Free of Charge: The Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card comes with the biggest benefit of having no annual charge or renewal fee and it is free for life.
  • Auchan Stores: Earn cashback of 5% when shopping at Auchan stores.
  • Reward Points: Get up to 9 reward points for every Rs. 100 spent at Lifestyle and other stores that are affiliated to the Inner Circle. Other general spends get you 2 reward points on every purchase.
  • Inner Circle Benefits: With this card, you can earn up to 9x reward points or 6% cashback at all stores that partner with the Inner Circle. Upon joining the Inner Circle, a discount worth Rs. 2500 is awarded as a welcome gift to customers. They stand to gain additional discounts and exclusive privileges under the Inner Circle program.
American Express Payback Credit Card

The ultimate option for those who want to benefit the most from their credit card is the American Express Payback Credit Card. It has the exact features that a shopaholic yearns for. The PAYBACK feature allows for great savings and discounts on every transaction made through the card. Women can exclusively gain a lot by using this credit card in their daily life purchases and for their lavish spends once in a while.

Features and Benefits

The American Express Payback Credit Card comes loaded with features as follows.

  • Annual Fee Waiver: Customers stand a chance to get a waiver for the succeeding year’s annual fee by spending Rs. 1,50,000 in a year.
  • PAYBACK points: The PAYBACK reward points system makes available a wide range of exciting gifts and offers. Earn 3 points on every Rs. 100 you spend. This offer can be availed on every purchase except on fuel, utilities, insurance, and cash transactions.
  • Entertainment Blockbuster: Get movie vouchers worth up to Rs. 2000 every month on spending with this credit card.
  • Partner Stores: The PAYBACK points you earn when shopping at partner stores is accelerated. Shop at BigBazaar, and more to avail this offer.
  • Bonus Points: if you spend Rs. 15,000 and more within the first 60 days of your card approval you get a bonus of 900 PAYBACK points.
  • More Rewards: Earn more rewards by checking the offer centre of American Express Payback Credit Card that brings offers on Dining and Fuel from time to time.